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Simple CRM Workshop and Consulting

Turning CRM theory into practical customer service and retention programs

Simple CRM is a new execution of the ideas driving CRM - sophisticated enough to give impressive results, yet practical, easy to manage, and not disruptive organizationally.  

It combines Skip Liebman's Strategic Service System for creating and delivering a customer culture with my own High ROI Customer Marketing Method.  By integrating these two action-based programs on a common platform of results-oriented metrics, Simple CRM was born.  

Clients benefit at the bottom line from improving customer service and marketing success while maximizing ROI - without the business disruption and costs common to CRM.  The reason for this easy implementation?  Simple CRM is not software.  It can be implemented using resources you have in house, from spreadsheets to simple DOS-based cash register systems, on up through GoldMine and Act! to the more robust solutions used to run call centers.  The only requirement is the ability to capture customer transactions and attribute them to a specific customer ID.

What is Simple CRM?

CRM Boiled Down to the Essential, Practical Elements

  • Measurement and Tracking of Customer Retention
  • Ensuring customer-centric policy and procedure
  • Action-oriented customer defection response mechanism
  • Ongoing customer retention "safety net" programs
  • Employee training on key customer-facing issues

Why is Simple CRM an Attractive Solution?

Generates Quick, Measurable Benefits with Low Risk

  • Implementation not Disruptive to Business
  • Computer Systems Agnostic
  • 80% of the Benefits of "CRM" for 20% of the Cost
  • Can be used as a Low Cost "trial" or CRM Pilot 
    leading to a More Advanced Solution
  • Allows Measurement and Estimation of "True ROI"

How Does Simple CRM Work?

There are three stages to the Simple CRM Program:

  • Measure: evaluates current customer retention 
    situation, both with "hard numbers" economic analysis 
    and "soft numbers" review of policy and procedure
  • Manage: implements customer retention marketing 
    and training programs to slow defection rate and 
    recapture lost customers profitably
  • Maximize: creates a feedback loop for continuous 
    employee learning on "what works and what doesn't"

Simple CRM 1st Stage - Measure: Some Key Attributes

  • Define customer defection and find the exact 
    customer defection rate
  • Quantify the defection rate in real profit dollars
  • Rank current customers by likelihood to defect
  • Review existing customer-facing policy / procedure
  • Evaluate internal service standards
  • Blueprint Highly Valued Service Paths

Simple CRM 2nd Stage  - Manage: Some Key Attributes

  • Initiate High ROI ongoing customer retention 
    marketing program, based on customer's likelihood 
    to defect rank and customer value
  • Initiate defected customer recapture program
    Create Customer Centric toolbox Bill of Rights, 
    Customer Retention Statement, Customer Officer
  • Set service quality measurement standards
  • Deliver training: Dazzling and Delighting Customers 
    & Complaints are Golden Opportunities

Simple CRM 3rd Stage - Maximize: Some Key Attributes

  • Institute "Trip Wire" Reporting to sound alarm when 
    best customers are in danger of defecting, for both 
    hard and soft triggers
  • Optimization of customer retention marketing 
    program; continuous learning feedback loop drives 
    program improvement over time
  • Optimization of defected customer recapture 
    program; also has continuous learning feedback
  • Optimization of complaint handling and resolution 
    system for lowest loss / least expense tradeoff

In Simple CRM, marketing and customer service share the same set of customer value and retention metrics, making evaluation and accountability for customer value and retention a team effort.

Simple CRM is a business process optimization workshop customized to your needs, delivered in short 2-day or 3-day segments over a 90-day period.  We teach you how to track, measure, and improve customer retention, and provide you the tools for sustaining the effort.  Ongoing consulting is also available.   Give us a call today to discuss how Simple CRM can help you increase sales while reducing expenses.

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