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Drilling Down Newsletter Welcome

Thanks for your interest in the Drilling Down newsletter, delivered by e-mail once a month.  Designing and executing high-ROI marketing strategies using customer data is the focus of each issue.

The issues covered include predicting future customer valuation, identifying the likelihood of customers to respond to a promotion, determining the appropriate offer, measuring and managing customer retention, and reducing customer defection. 

A secondary theme is driving higher revenues or visits from current customers while decreasing promotional expenses; this is the outcome of addressing the issues in the paragraph right above this one.

We'll go beyond using simple customer demographics and start looking at customer behavior, the most reliable technique for predicting future customer behavior.  Customer retention and loyalty will be the focus, and driving higher revenues or visits from current customers while decreasing promotional expenses will be the approach we use.

The newsletter will provide background and descriptions of techniques usable by both small business and enterprise class CRM systems - it's the thought process that's important, not whether you use a spreadsheet or a rules-based CRM engine to manage your customer data.

I'll also be including questions and answers on customer retention, loyalty, and promotional techniques from Drilling Down web site visitors, newsletter subscribers,  and readers of the Drilling Down book, as well as links to important articles on retention marketing written elsewhere.  So get more value out of your subscription and increase the value for others by asking some questions!  

You can e-mail me directly by clicking here.

- Jim Novo

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