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Favorite Drilling Down Sites

CRM Sites's CRM Library


Database Marketing Articles

Relationship Marketing Resource
Tons of free articles on RFM, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

Database Marketing Institute
Broad resource on Database Marketing including B2B profiling.

Published by Frequency Marketing, Inc., COLLOQUY is dedicated to the dissemination of information and analysis related to frequency-marketing strategies and programs of all types, worldwide. 

Guide to Data Mining, Web Mining, Knowledge Discovery, and eCRM.

The CRISP-DM project has developed an industry- and tool-neutral Data Mining process model.

Database Marketing Trade Mags

DM News
Online version of the direct marketing trade magazine.  The offline weekly is a must read for Data-Driven marketing types.  Searchable article database.

DIRECT Magazine
Direct marketing trade magazine, targeted at the hard core data-driven marketer rather than beginners.

Target Marketing
An easy to read mag, especially helpful for newbie direct and database marketing types.  Get the offline version for access to all content

DM Review
Comprehensive portal for information and technology related to database marketing and technology

Sponsored Database Marketing Sites
Source for information and analysis on all aspects of web personalization.  Underwritten by Net Perceptions, a personalization vendor, but remains unbiased towards the underwriter so far.
Lots of free and several paid reports on different aspects of customer acquisition and retention.  The book by the same name, written by Patricia Seybold, is full of real world case studies about large companies implementing e-commerce.  A great read.

Marketing 1 to 1
As the preeminent management consulting firm specializing in Customer Relationship Management and e-business strategies, Peppers and Rogers Group has earned global recognition for its ability to understand and communicate how technology is changing the way companies build relationships with customers.

General Internet Marketing Sites

ClickZ Network
Tons of internet marketing advice from people who work in the business.  Daily columns, forums, guidebooks, conferences.

Formed in November, 1995, the goal of the Internet Sales Moderated Discussion List has remained consistent over the past five years: to provide a forum for meaningful and helpful discussion of e-commerce issues by those engaged in the online sale of products and services.

I-Advertising is an interactive global community specific to the Internet advertising industry. They provide a number of high-quality industry publications and moderated interactive forums that promote the global exchange of industry information and encourage business networking within the industry.

Online Advertising
The Online Advertising Discussion List focuses on professional discussion of online advertising strategies, results, studies, tools, and media coverage. The list also provides editorial coverage of conference of interest to people in the Online Advertising industry. Retailing
Comprehensive retailing portal.  B2B, B2C, CRM, and all your other favorite acronyms covered here.

Trade Associations

The Direct Marketing Association
You guessed it; even direct marketers have a trade organization.  The DMA has been representing direct marketing since 1917.  Whatever a marketer's size, market or media, the DMA serves to help members achieve bottom line success and satisfied customers. 

Association for Interactive Marketing, the "trade association for business on the internet".  Now a subsidiary of the DMA.

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